Noah’s ark was built before the Deluge came!

What does this message mean? If you see how some dog races are being misused, partly under protection of the ÖKV (Austrian Cynologic Association), we are getting really scared. At this point we are twice as happy that we breed natural and untouched dogs who will hopefully never become a fashion dog. You only need to think of the misery with the fighting dogs under which both the respectable dog owner as well as serious breeders are suffering most. A lot of races can only give birth by a cesarean section or have to be inseminated – we are quite sure that the nature wants to tell us something!
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Our criticism should invite to deal with these themes in a constructive and positive, prophylactic way. We distance ourselves from criticism without evidence and facts!
There are a lot of people who only know that a dog has 4 pawns and they still feel legitimated to use every chance to write hatred articles against all dogs, because no one will listen to them otherwise. We think that these people are extremely dangerous. Why? Because, e.g. ruthless politicians like to pick up such obviously easy to discuss trends and pass obscure county laws, far away of reality. We believe that a society which cannot handle animals anymore has a serious degeneration problem.

Cows must eat fish meal even though they are vegetarians, pigs get – caused by the industrial animal keeping – cancer causing antibiotics, poultry is being kept in such small cages that they lose all feathers and favor salmonellae and even our dogs are not protected from this insanity. Therefore we need people who are willing to think and act. People who have enough spine to make other people aware of blind alleys in clubs, institutions, even if they have to expect disadvantages through certain other people. But we think it is very important that this constructive criticism is being brought up on a high level (as far as it is possible) and with a certain general positive friendliness.


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Everything is depending on each other. The dog breeder needs dogs from other breeders to avoid inbreeding and he needs dog owners who take the time to deal with the animal. This is the main reason that we should all work together for the dog’s favour. It is impossible for everyone to march to the beat of their own drum.

Up to now the „Garden of Liberty“ succeeded in connecting our „dog“-owners with a friendly band, which makes us happy and proud. Unfortunately there are still too many people who only leave full latrines at the end of their lives.

Your Garden of Liberty