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We hope, you could develop a feeling about how important the mental and physical health of our dogs is for us. Of course, we also use our naturally pure lakes, forests and mountains in Carinthia in order to arrange our dog lives as true to type and free as possible. For this reason our dogs are mentally strong, in good condition and well socialized. A good condition is a requirement for a beautiful birth of our two breeding dogs. The regular physical exercise in the nature is also very healthy for man, we should not forget this aspect.

We are of the firm opinion that we are bringing a positive contribution for the race Hovawart both in character and health with the genetic anchor of our Garden of Liberty line.

Even though our dog breeding is never commercial, but exclusively a hobby, we take the breeding very seriously and our main emphasis is quality and not quantity, in order to guarantee a loving care of the new puppy owners after they get their dog.
It is a matter of course that we look after the dogs raised by us while the owners are on vacation, in the hospital or have other obligations which demand a separation from the dog. We believe that the best reference for us are our puppy owners as well as the animal hospital with 2 veterinarians.

Tierklinik Kreuzbergl
Dr. E. Pekarek /Mag. Birgit Sist
Radetzkystrasse 10, A-9020 Klagenfurt
Tel: ++43-463-512969

With best regards,
Your „Garden of Liberty“

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